What on Earth is a Troach Drop???

I bet there is a fair few you out there who are scratching your heads to find the answer to this question. I am guessing those of you that don’t know are not from Birmingham and the West Midlands? Or maybe in the generation that didn’t visit an old fashioned sweetie shop every Saturday morning? Or maybe have had a really terrible and deprived childhood?

For those of that don’t know a Troach Drop is a hard boiled sweet with an aniseed flavoring. It boasts many medicinal qualities and can aid a sore throat or bad cough. It is normally brown in colour.

Troach Drops are a sweet that is native to the West Midlands. It is made by Teddy Gray’s in Dudley. When Sela were still making sweets, Troach were made by Sela in West Bromwich. It can be argued that Troach are true Brummie delicacy, enjoyed by millions over the years, not just a sweet treat but as cold remedy.

It is not only the West Midlands that have their own type of sweets; Pontefract Cakes find their home in Yorkshire, and from Wiggan Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls make their mark on the world. I urge you all to look up the Uncle Joe’s Mint Ball song on Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7aoyF0enNU. It should give you a good giggle.

1 thought on “What on Earth is a Troach Drop???

  1. Mr Red

    Troach were made by Sela and Teddy Grays up to the early 90’s. Sela sold to Paynes (makers od Army & Navy) who sold to Brays who still sell Troach from their south Wales factory.
    A woman at a Teddy Gray shop in Bewdley (or Bridgnorth) c 1991 told me, knowingly, that the flavour was Paregoric. Years later I found out that Paregoric is basically tincture of opium. Paregoric was used to flavour “Army & Navy” and Victory V. It was banned by the EC at some point. Army & Navy was still touted as flavoured with paregoric in 1994 but that may have been a bit of mendacious marketing as the date of the EC ban is very hard to locate.
    n.b. Use of the term Brummie for people from West Bromwich was banned long before that. We’m frurm the Black Cuntry owr kid. So is Troach.


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